ReThink Leadership: Fostering a Learning Centered Culture

June 2014 :: Emma Willard School, Troy, NY


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A transformative experience designed specifically for all innovators, change agents, design thinkers, creative thinkers and those who aspire to make profound programmatic and cultural changes in their schools.

Join Emma Willard School and the Santa Fe Leadership Center this summer for an experiential learning adventure and professional growth opportunity for school leaders and leadership teams.

This four day workshop will provide school leaders and leadership teams with a deep dive into what it means to lead for significant, transformative, and intentional change in their school communities.

The growing volume of knowledge and rapid rate at which new information is coming forward regarding educational practices that enhance student learning and the high expectations for leaders in education incorporate emerging best practices have never been greater. Flipping classrooms, altering learning spaces, 1:1 technologies, the maker’s movement, blended/online learning, the call for 21st century skill development, and drastically transformed student-centered pedagogies are all topics that are at the forefront of school conversations.  School leaders face challenges from all directions regarding what practices and programs are emerging as most impactful and lasting for student learning.

  • How does one lead within an environment where there are so many questions, the answers are not clear and the stakes are high?
  • How can school leaders gain momentum and support to implement new initiatives?
  • How can school leaders foster cultures where the talents of their faculty and staff are unleashed, their schools are willing to take risks and test new practices while still honoring tradition?
  • How does one “lean into” new ideas and continue to learn while also retaining a sense of self?
  • How can leaders be their most authentic and innovative selves in service of growth and progress of a larger system.
  • How can you find purpose, meaning and happiness in work that will never be finished?

This four day workshop will provide school leaders and leadership teams with a deep dive into what it means to lead for significant, transformative, and intentional change in their school communities.Over the four day experience, participants will:

  • Understand and practice the skills, qualities and mindsets of innovators;
  • Identify their own personal preference and tolerance for change and innovation;
  • Learn how to cultivate leadership teams that are more tolerant and supportive of functional and expansive change;
  • Embrace and learn to foster empathy as a means to better understanding why change may be necessary and ensure that it is a fundamental aspect of both the rationale for and essence of change in their schools;
  • Enable a culture of innovation that will lead to a growth mindset and significant cultural transformation;
  • Understand and embrace a Design Thinking framework that can lead to creative and collaborative problem solving;
  • Understanding of Systems Theory and how it impacts leadership and change in organizations.
  • Understand the group dynamics, communication strategies and build the skills to have critical conversations which are at the heart of organizational change. 

Session Topics Include

The Inner Landscape of the Innovator
What qualities and skills do innovative leaders possess? Personal assessments of creativity, adaptability, resilience and comfort with change

Critical Conversation Skills
Managing the spectrum of responses to change in your community

Serious Play
Why the best teams play more

Hybrid Thinking
Strategic Change-Making with a team from Jump Associates

Redesigning School
A Design Thinking challenge

Visual Leadership
Using powerful visual tools to lead your team, with David Sibbet of The Grove Consulting

Think Like An Innovator
Rewire your brain and develop habits of mindfulness and creativity

“You Are Already an Improvisor, SMILE!”
What improvisation can teach us about innovation, creativity and leadership. Led by Patricia Ryan Madson, author of Improv Wisdom

Key Objectives

  1. Explore, understand, and define “innovation”
  2. Examine the qualities of innovative leaders and how they can enhance their own capacity to be innovative
  3. Learn how to support and lead high performing, creative and innovative teams
  4. Foster a culture of innovation in their schools

Who should attend?

  • Heads of School
  • Division Heads
  • Admissions Directors
  • Development Directors
  • Department Chairs
  • Athletic Directors
  • Program Directors
  • Deans
  • Teacher Leaders
  • Technology Directors
  • Business Managers

Registration Information

The Early Bird Rate of $1475.00 ends March 15 (deadline extended). The regular seminar rate is $1675.00 if registered between March 16 and May 1, 2013. Late Registration is $1875.00 after May 1, 2013. Last year this seminar sold out, so register early to secure your spot!